How Can The Hoarding Coach Help You?

Are you or someone you know a clutterer, a hoarder? Do you save old magazines, newspapers, phone bills, and receipts? If so, you may suffer from a malady known as "Disposophobia". This malady has been around from the beginning of time yet few people, who have it, know they have it. Disposophobia can simply be defined as "the fear of getting rid of stuff" and is the reason why people hoard.

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As the oldest and most experienced Disaster Management Firm in the USA, you can count on our experience that has come from thousands of clients who have utilized the Hoarding Coach.

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Hoarding Clutter is Dangerous!

Hoarding poses a fire, safety, and health hazard issue. Some hoarders are removed from their homes by either eviction or government intervention. Consider the following hoarders home if there were to be a fire: